Knowing More about Diaper Bag Sizes and Weight Options

By | July 15, 2017

Laiya Baby Products Diaper BagBefore buying a diaper bag, you have to consider about the size and the weight also. It is important because the size and weight capacity affect the use of the bag later on. You have to know the needs of your baby before choosing the most appropriate bag size and weight. Besides, it also affects the way you wear it during the activity. Without further a due, take a look into the consideration below.


In choosing the size, you have to know your baby stuffs first. You will need the bag with the large size if you want to put not only the baby needs but also yours. In contrary, you don’t need a bag with too big size if your baby doesn’t have too much stuff and outfit to be put inside the bag.

Besides, you have to consider the bulk because once the stuffs put inside, some bags will be bulkier than the other bags. There are some factors which affect the bulk such as the space left inside, the size of the pad, and the space for packing things side to side or in front of each thing.

You may assess the size of the bag when nothing is inside. Some companies produce bag with larger diaper bags that are suitable for family trip. That kind of bag is suitable for parents who have more than one baby to travel with.


In assessing the weight of the bag, you have to consider the type of fabric that is used by the bag because it affects the weight. For example, the genuine leather bag will be heavier than the cotton canvas bag. In addition, if you want to add baby gear, your bag will be heavier. Make sure to choose the right weight in which parents are still able to handle it while walking.

In short, material isn’t the only important aspect to consider. Size and weight of the bag should be calculated and considered carefully. Choose a diaper bag with appropriate and fitting size and weight.

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